Poets In Prison For No Good Reason

Sunday, 25th August 2013. I’m scheduled to attend Street Poetry after a long absence. It’s the one and only poetry event that takes place in the open probably in the whole of Kenya. I’m spruced up for a relaxing afternoon after a restful Saturday following the success of Fatuma’s Voice at Nairobi Cinema that Friday. […]

Farewell Thee Well, Wangari Muta Maathai

September has been a nightmare for my country, Kenya. Just the other day we were from taking a historic initiative to feed our brothers and sisters dying of hunger. Road accidents are literally wiping away our loved ones, illicit brews making our thirsty countrymen dig into their own graves, oil spills drinking away our slum […]

Kenyans For Kenya Charity Concert And Telethon

27th of August was a great day in Nairobi. We were getting together to raise funds for our dying brethren in northern Kenya. The famine has been biting and this meeting was a final show down to what has been a wonderful month of bidding to take responsibility of being a brother’s keeper. The charity […]