The sun kisses my soul A thousand pieces of crimson rays Sequencing sweet songs in my way Haven’t I met angels Who shot me To heaven and hell alike With their beauties Some with wings, some with spikes Haven’t I swum down tarmacked roads Of flaming colds, darkness untold My heart has hurt a dozen […]

Depths Of A Loving Soul

Society has diluted the beauty of falling in love. It is becoming a cliche,instead of the marvel it ought to be. To be emotionally attached to someone today simply means they are glittering by shape, colour and pocket. Hmm…you think you agree with me?…Perhaps we too breed these very traits inside us, only that they […]


The tears in your eyes are hidden They flow Like sin forbidden The look in your eyes says it Pain is heathen I’d take forever To quench the heat end     Eve I know my words My words will never be enough Enough to show These cascades of love That flow Like waterfalls from […]