The tears in your eyes are hidden They flow Like sin forbidden The look in your eyes says it Pain is heathen I’d take forever To quench the heat end     Eve I know my words My words will never be enough Enough to show These cascades of love That flow Like waterfalls from […]

Achamin, Chamanenyun

Beloved Pardon me for my heart’s illiteracy Love has no school I cannot play truancy I am jinxed By a mast called trust But I must Engage myself in deep expression Chamanenyun Deliberate me Into your liberating highs Till I shan’t be an escapee Of your webbed anatomy Love not a laugh Beloved For these […]

Night In Night

A night of solitude visits You sleep awake Staring at the darkness A night of tranquility Engulfing your world With a queer purity In that moment of a thousand thoughts Sailing into real fantasy In complete incompleteness A night I remember you Shedding tears in a memory Past shaded by cruel pain I want to […]