Fatuma’s Voice

    #FatumasVoice is a figurative gesture for a platform whereby young people meet to talk about the evils happening in the society and how they could solve them, their hopes for the future, their life experiences as well as networking hence expanding their social circles. We do this through poetry, live music, motivational talks, […]

Sitawa Ignited. The Junction, Business Lounge. Jan 2012

On Stage At Sitawa Ignited August 2012


Crimson Love; Reason To Breathe Again :Collaboration with Rehema Pete

REHEMA: Are you there? I saw you walk in silent beauty like the night Saw your silhouette figure drift past me in my fright Gracefully, a shadow tight Like an angel without wings My heart yearned for reasons I never knew Just once My fingers ached for nothing but to touch you My eyes burnt […]

Man Of Today

So much for the world Am surrounded by thugs I call friends Time running down They shoot at the women in the clubs Savants in the streets Who should I look to In the unendearing darkness? My back grows mould From stabs of loved ones Meandering through The goodness of my soul I thought I […]

Like A Well

Deep With a keen eye Sunrays hit the bottom ocean With a sweet quotient Portions of melodious tonations Spread far Reaching her riching heart Like a cooling spa Past wretched dates spark Her hidden emotions Which lay dusty Deep,like a well In her romantic affinity The Purple Ocean Lies bare Bearing the pain of loving […]

Purple Reign

It is dry and dark In this moment am stuck Deep Into the ocean love struck Do birds fall in love? I don’t know But am a love bird Perhaps A cupid shark Sailing in purple waters Fetching for the sunset sparks Love rays and its sparkles   I want Purple Reign So much To […]

Pain Stain

Pain Stain I thought I’d run away Left scenes in the past I thought I would no more see The struggle Of the two that bore me Wrestle to the floor angered A party drunk to nuts Insults Brewing hatred Battery business I can no more bare I want to run away Look for my […]


Freedom never calls for Redemption It’s free True life a fusion Of hurt and love confusion Whoever discovered The world a round mansion Changed loads of distortion Blood is a bad man’s honey Honesty is barred from being blurred Eating from stolen charities Lost moralities Did we ever fall in love? Or was it Just […]

Kenyan Child

I come from a world Driven by prejudice Where tribes build bridges Peace shred into pieces My only malice Was to be a Kenyan child And there they made me blind Only pain that reigns me inside Tell me to hope again What about the tears my mama cried? Times that broke our ties The […]

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