It was the last thing I saw coming That look in your eye Smooth sail That smell I feel when it has rained The soil’s scent, delight Your heart’s a walking light You are the greatest story of submission Days come upside down And in my sorrow, your solace Gives me a warm soothing […]


The sun kisses my soul A thousand pieces of crimson rays Sequencing sweet songs in my way Haven’t I met angels Who shot me To heaven and hell alike With their beauties Some with wings, some with spikes Haven’t I swum down tarmacked roads Of flaming colds, darkness untold My heart has hurt a dozen […]

In The Now

I do not know about tomorrow Because I do not have it in my palms Life is like a song of psalms The sun might shine Or it may rain But the time that is now Is all I can proclaim The past is full of wounds Dried tears and swollen thoughts Pain and wisdom […]