I Am Not My Tribe

Sometimes I feel I know nothing about life But I do know something about Kenya I come from the gustily windy, hilly terrains of rural Ugenya Where huts form bungalow sorts of flawless beauty An ambiance of warm soothing atmosphere But really, I was born in Pumwani And all my life My home has been […]

I Want To Think

I want to think thick thighs Like a highway to some heaven Smooth with sensation That brews drunk souls to oblivion I want to think small lips, kissable That would make me drink From a cup of honey saliva Whatever wetness brings Let it do, let it do I want to think orange round breasts […]

Ripe Grapes

The sun’s shining closer to my heart True, Roads with curves amaze me I cherish the ripe grapes That come with mature beauty It is done, it is done Let me now dance with my destiny She is the future…


My poem’s persona Rosette of honor On earth, dearth of true beauty She rains like manna Walks with a sunlight banner Burns A peace donor Fresh shiny flesh Scents of refined Rexona Her kisses delight Aspic Lights lives Aoko Daughter of the western lake The water From which many men Dream to slake Slathered with […]

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