Words Ni Word : Sheng Poem

    Usidanganywe na hii kihara Akili ni nywele na zangu ni in-built Unadhani poetry ni ya watu wamekosa kazi? Hata ofisi ni word Streets za Nairobi zimeficha siri zetu Juu huko ndo si hujiachilia Kama hii ni ugonjwa basi nitadedi na upele Juu hii word imepita skin deep kwa bloodstream hadi skele Plasma bado […]

In Him

    In him There are rivers that flow to oblivion Beyond the horizon of thoughts In him You shall find dusty roads Murrams, Paths that lie in secret In him Lives solace in a myriad Fountains that flow slowly to silence His head, a bare land In which old men cultivated wise words In […]

It’s Not Okay!

  You will hate this poem Because it speaks of that which you fear You will hate this poem Because it says that which you don’t want to hear This poem is in tears Wetting your mind with questions about life Yourself It cries for the dead Those who do not feel what it means […]

Nirvana: Spoken Word Album Launch By Namatsi Lukoye

  Kenyan poetry is an arts field that’s commendably on a steady rise. With the onset of events such as Street Poetry, Hisia Zangu Poetry Workshop, Poetry Spot, Eve Of Poetry, Fatuma’s Voice, and others, talent is being raised everyday. There is obviously a big disconnect between Kenya’s old poets and the current folk as […]

Fatuma’s Voice

    #FatumasVoice is a figurative gesture for a platform whereby young people meet to talk about the evils happening in the society and how they could solve them, their hopes for the future, their life experiences as well as networking hence expanding their social circles. We do this through poetry, live music, motivational talks, […]

Is Kenya Ready To Embrace Prostitution?

          Based on a true story… On the week that begun on Sunday 13thJune, 2004, I set out on a journey to Nairobi on foot from Mlolongo. Not that I was out to enjoy the dry landscape that surrounds the area, but I was running away from home, completely hopeless at […]

Here’s To Life

Nairobi, KENYA I wonder how many of us sit down to think about life in this fast-moving world. No, humans rarely have time for thoughts….life provoking thoughts. You might want to know how things happen they way they do, or why they go the way they do. Well, here’s to life. Perspectives are unlimited, so […]

Sinai Fire Tragedy, And The Lives We Lost.

    Nairobi, Kenya. Barely three days had passed since a ferry sunk with the lives of close to two hundred people in Zanzibar. East Africa was still in shock. The last time people that number died in one incident was back in August, 1997, when the Co-operative Bank along Haile Sellasie Avenue was bombed. […]

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