I Am My Own Man!!

  Pressure. That’s the word ringing in my mind. Confusion…and confusion. Am not sure what falling in love means anymore. But I am, it’s loving someone, right? Man-woman, woman-man, right? Men in my age live like they come from a different planet. Or at least the women in their lives make them. Well, we make […]


The world circles in squares Men with visions impaired Social misfits, who rift Love hearts into bits Lift up their egos Boasting to be cheats Falling for false things Beasts swimming in rotten deeds Evil bids covered neat God we all need Where are the men who purpose Who take offence in the tag bad […]

Is Kenya Ready To Embrace Prostitution?

          Based on a true story… On the week that begun on Sunday 13thJune, 2004, I set out on a journey to Nairobi on foot from Mlolongo. Not that I was out to enjoy the dry landscape that surrounds the area, but I was running away from home, completely hopeless at […]

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