Lovette Loriet

The profound look in her eyes A cherishing cherry Sad ridden merries Hidden sweetness of a sour berry She smiles like a bird’s chirp Lucid cherubic heart An extract of cool crystalline sap Swum in the turmoil stair cases Of long chilly love-lorn gazes A salty ocean of dirt Confusion and deep hurt Motions of […]


The ocean wave rises From hidden water A dozen crises Angry with a rage outsourced That could not allow me To let beauty pass by Am I the blind lover Writing choruses to a dead wind? Or is it the parlance of my mind That sees you as a masterpiece? The sun hearts you inside […]

Crimson Love; Reason To Breathe Again :Collaboration with Rehema Pete

REHEMA: Are you there? I saw you walk in silent beauty like the night Saw your silhouette figure drift past me in my fright Gracefully, a shadow tight Like an angel without wings My heart yearned for reasons I never knew Just once My fingers ached for nothing but to touch you My eyes burnt […]


The tears in your eyes are hidden They flow Like sin forbidden The look in your eyes says it Pain is heathen I’d take forever To quench the heat end     Eve I know my words My words will never be enough Enough to show These cascades of love That flow Like waterfalls from […]

Break Up Tales

Fall out premonition Dreaming at lust Staring at hurt At last So we swim handy Acting the anger Like walking With ants in the nose An air so hoarse Discomfort prose The thorn in the rose See us mingle In the lustre Of getting back to single The season sprinkles Bad blood Such a twinkle […]

Shower Me Again

Till my heart goes wet Pains spat Scents sent Agape with eloquence Rain on me with fate Till am unchained from hurt doom Shower me again With a love conscience So I can die in soul sequence Undeepen your heart to me So I can read you like a book Shower me again With a […]

I Dream Of A Dreamer

I dream of a dreamer A queen’s touch Who dreameth me A soul of mirth Down to solemn earth Flying In an elegant essence Into a shine of love I dream of a dreamer A big heart But a simple pal Who treasures me For a million things A familiar stranger To take me up […]

Purple Reign

It is dry and dark In this moment am stuck Deep Into the ocean love struck Do birds fall in love? I don’t know But am a love bird Perhaps A cupid shark Sailing in purple waters Fetching for the sunset sparks Love rays and its sparkles   I want Purple Reign So much To […]

Let Me Know

When the sun sets without a warning Darkness ruling the morning The ugly dew of pain dawning Unmasking hidden truths But let me know why Love laces tie, hard Why being good brings bad Even when I try to understand Let me know why times sore Whenever high you want to soar You don’t lie […]

Achamin, Chamanenyun

Beloved Pardon me for my heart’s illiteracy Love has no school I cannot play truancy I am jinxed By a mast called trust But I must Engage myself in deep expression Chamanenyun Deliberate me Into your liberating highs Till I shan’t be an escapee Of your webbed anatomy Love not a laugh Beloved For these […]

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