Dear Mama

On that evening of 15th June, 1988, Pumwani Maternity Hospital had a lot of wails, quite the norm. But the unique thing about this day is the fact that my time in your precious womb had ended. It was time to bring me into the world. I will never know the pain you underwent for […]

When You Know Where You Are Going

Life maybe a simple thing if you view it from the perspective of simply breathing in and out. But there are deeper truths and fundamentals about it that we are often culprit to ignore. Man was made to live a purposeful life in full strength to his trust in God and respect to humanity…but ohw…what […]

Leaving The Past Behind

Dad and I had a long talk last week. Not that he gave my brother and I a chance to air our views and feelings, but we were there anyway. He talked so much about where we are from as a family, the struggles he’s been through to raise us up, and the trouble he […]

When Someday You Have A Family

We are young now. Even the thought of being a father or mother someday seems a far away imagination. True, but that does not make us immune from thinking about what sort of families we would like to nurture in the future. It goes without mention that each of us would love to have a […]

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