Love Can Be Foolish, But It Shouldn’t Be Stupid!!

The heart sparkles with emotions  that very time you’ve found someone new. It’s like a whirlwind that hits  you! You want that feeling to stay infinite. It tastes special, fragrant  and unique. It gets into you the more you spend time with them. We all  love it. Oh! Even the aged. It respects them not. […]

Where We Found Love

In a dry oasis Ours were hearts Racing for the finish line I could not catch up But love did not decline The wholes we dug ourselves To hide From the limelight of aging barriers Now grown of itchy cactai Look where we found love In a garden it cannot sprout The greatest feeling we […]

Desert Flower

Does pain make less sense when penned Down roads of rotting thoughts here blend Did I have to sprout in agony trend Drown into languors unsaid with lost friends To find you in this desert a watered flower That soothes me away from feelings bitter sour   Love is for whiles a trickery Whoever falls […]

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