Be the wind that blows calm That heart that hurts But still with love some Be the grass with dew when morning comes Cold in the dawn But still with a soul so warm Sing your life out In happiness roam And when cometh the storm Whisper hope if you can’t it talk Be that […]


The ocean wave rises From hidden water A dozen crises Angry with a rage outsourced That could not allow me To let beauty pass by Am I the blind lover Writing choruses to a dead wind? Or is it the parlance of my mind That sees you as a masterpiece? The sun hearts you inside […]

Where We Found Love

In a dry oasis Ours were hearts Racing for the finish line I could not catch up But love did not decline The wholes we dug ourselves To hide From the limelight of aging barriers Now grown of itchy cactai Look where we found love In a garden it cannot sprout The greatest feeling we […]

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