He Regrets Marrying my Mother! OR was it the Alcohol?

“I regret marrying your mother! Rose, I regret marrying you!” My head froze. He called mama by her name. Like they do their mother – him and his brothers. I wondered why he had to tell me marrying her was a mistake. What I was supposed to do with that information. Her knees were bleeding […]

Taking Sides At Home.

  Every family has been through a difficult time, whether rich or poor. At one point in life, there is confrontation, disagreement, argument, and sometimes or most of the times, fighting. Being the first-born in my family, I have witnessed movies unfolding right in front of my eyes whenever my folks disagreed. I have no […]

Me And My Dad

Meet me. The first-born in a family of three children, dad and mum. We are two boys and one girl, the latter being the last born. Daddy brought me into this world while he was 23 years old, my age now. I have no idea how he ever met my mom, but even at my […]

Mama Don’t Cry

Mama’s cry haunts me In the background Of my poked conscience Stop crying,mama! Stop! We have to grow family A glorious entity Can’t a man be exemplary Hold his temper Like breath under water? Can’t a man respect a woman’s worth Cast his anger down to earth Throw away his rotten wrath? Father me further,father […]

Pain Stain

Pain Stain I thought I’d run away Left scenes in the past I thought I would no more see The struggle Of the two that bore me Wrestle to the floor angered A party drunk to nuts Insults Brewing hatred Battery business I can no more bare I want to run away Look for my […]

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