Love Can Be Foolish, But It Shouldn’t Be Stupid!!

The heart sparkles with emotions  that very time you’ve found someone new. It’s like a whirlwind that hits  you! You want that feeling to stay infinite. It tastes special, fragrant  and unique. It gets into you the more you spend time with them. We all  love it. Oh! Even the aged. It respects them not. […]

Cherish The Love You Have

Nobody remembers the first time they opened their eyes. The moment we are born, we are oblivious of the things we’re going to meet in this world. In the journey of growth though, we develop feelings and begin having wants and needs, be they emotional, psychological or even physical. At whatever stage of life, everyone […]

Dating Dilemma In The Offing…

The news of my grandpa’s death hit me hard. Am still struggling to come into terms with his demise. That’s just how Sunday morning begun, with that sad news, after a superb family function at home that saw us share rare merry moments with my friends and family. Cancer has robbed me of a man […]

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