Cave Bird

  I know a place Where wings don’t fly And honey flows in dreams The sun is placed behind bars Where darkness feels right Comfort, the life Dead comfort There is a bird That lives inside a cave Oblivious of love Or the flowers That give colour to breath She wants a life In a […]

When Love Goes Lemon, We Become Lemonades

I know there is this someone whom when you think about you wonder how on earth you ever fell in love with. Maybe you were stupid, just foolish or they stole your heart for some moment before breaking it into pieces and you were just unaware all that time of how things were going. No […]

My Heart Saw You

The trees sung your name Every time the wind blew My heart saw you Smiling at me With a feeling so true   In the sky Where we hid In the bloom of blue Red with love But could not escape this flu All that happened flowed Like an inspired river Deep into our souls’ […]

Man Of Today

So much for the world Am surrounded by thugs I call friends Time running down They shoot at the women in the clubs Savants in the streets Who should I look to In the unendearing darkness? My back grows mould From stabs of loved ones Meandering through The goodness of my soul I thought I […]

Purple Ocean

The tides roll strongly Disturbing the tormented waters Of a once peaceful core With a haunted shore Confronted, pink air Acid rain in the Purple Ocean A soul that seeks A sunshine in the distant clouds A passion, lost Spinning around Little flashes of soulful lights The long empty nights Paraded by distrustful mights Painful […]


My darkness looms Existing With a strange coldness When the sun goes I will be praying for the moon If the moon goes I will be praying for the stars So you can see me If I have none I will be but a hollow trunk Blank and shrunk I live Spending in a breathless […]

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