Setting Sunrise

There is this one person you fell in love with. This one person whose heart you so cherished. We all come across them; people whom we meet and feel like there’s never gonna be any other. We wrote them the deepest poems, told them the juiciest words, just to let them know what they meant […]

Woman Of My Dreams

Not all dreams come to us while in bed. Sometimes a dream is a goal. What you envision in your mind and hope in your heart. I’m done with girls. Though there’s always a girl in every woman much as there’s a boy in every man. We all have people whom we wish we would […]

Be good, life Is Short.

Don’t wait for someone to die to say sweet things on their graves.Cherish those who love you for you won’t be with them forever.It is okay to be angry but let not your anger hurt anyone.Be sorry when you wrong people and be bold enough to accept your mistakes and to be corrected. Life would […]

Me And My Dad

Meet me. The first-born in a family of three children, dad and mum. We are two boys and one girl, the latter being the last born. Daddy brought me into this world while he was 23 years old, my age now. I have no idea how he ever met my mom, but even at my […]

Kenyan Child

I come from a world Driven by prejudice Where tribes build bridges Peace shred into pieces My only malice Was to be a Kenyan child And there they made me blind Only pain that reigns me inside Tell me to hope again What about the tears my mama cried? Times that broke our ties The […]

The Beginning Of A Love Heart

Love has made me a fool…a sheep, full of wool. I cannot help to marvel at my romantic escapades since I was a little boy. I mean, I begun this stuff a long time ago, so unknowingly. No time ever has dad nor mum nor both taken to steal me any form of advice on […]

I Miss Church

Those days faint On my laps Weak in my lips When I desired to mass With Christians I don’t trust Hear the priest preach Words,full of warning Peace I was a heaven candidate Stonch Faithful But wherever it went weary It’s like my passion fled To a world I dread Fears I live with Where […]