Farewell Thee Well, Wangari Muta Maathai

September has been a nightmare for my country, Kenya. Just the other day we were from taking a historic initiative to feed our brothers and sisters dying of hunger. Road accidents are literally wiping away our loved ones, illicit brews making our thirsty countrymen dig into their own graves, oil spills drinking away our slum […]

Sinai Fire Tragedy, And The Lives We Lost.

    Nairobi, Kenya. Barely three days had passed since a ferry sunk with the lives of close to two hundred people in Zanzibar. East Africa was still in shock. The last time people that number died in one incident was back in August, 1997, when the Co-operative Bank along Haile Sellasie Avenue was bombed. […]

Kenyans For Kenya Charity Concert And Telethon

27th of August was a great day in Nairobi. We were getting together to raise funds for our dying brethren in northern Kenya. The famine has been biting and this meeting was a final show down to what has been a wonderful month of bidding to take responsibility of being a brother’s keeper. The charity […]

Tears Of A Hungry Kenya

The horn Of Africa…people are dying.If you’ve never known what hunger means,the photos you see here should give you enough answers.The Kenyan situation is really bad.It comes at a time when political campaigns and the players involved are caught between a rock and a hard place as whether to continue spending huge amounts of money […]

Gor Mahia Vs AFC Leopards : A Derby Of All Sorts!!

Kenyan football is on the rise.If by any chance you doubt that,the Gor Vs AFC derby will certainly make you think again.The atmosphere inside the Nyayo National Stadium on Sunday was absolutely marvelous.It blew my mind away.The fans came out in numbers,singing songs to mock each other.Contrary to past games when there had to be […]

School Declines Book Donation.

A school in Eldoret North Constituency rejected books worth more than Ksh.30,000 donated by Education Assistant minister, Ayiecho Olweny. Prof Olweny, on a tour of the constituency, was to donate the textbooks to Komba-eran Primary School but the institution’s management committee rejected the offer claiming that it was aimed at undermining area MP, William Ruto. […]

Are We Going To Make it?

The institution of marriage is under a serious crisis.Even the deaf know what’s happening in Kenya today.Just the other day,we lost Samuel Wanjiru in a very unfashionable way,and talent just died away..just like that.Now,three people have come from nowhere to claim that they fathered him.And the mother..well…let’s not even go there.So even the personality nominated […]

Our Sorry State

I love Kenya.It is my place of birth,my motherland.23 years I’ve spent inside here,there is nowhere else I call home.If this is what I feel for her,I wonder the magnitude of the depth of the undying patriotic spirit our freedom fighters had.The people who relentlessly fought for our freedom,the Kenyan freedom. It’s a pity that […]