Words Ni Word : Sheng Poem

    Usidanganywe na hii kihara Akili ni nywele na zangu ni in-built Unadhani poetry ni ya watu wamekosa kazi? Hata ofisi ni word Streets za Nairobi zimeficha siri zetu Juu huko ndo si hujiachilia Kama hii ni ugonjwa basi nitadedi na upele Juu hii word imepita skin deep kwa bloodstream hadi skele Plasma bado […]

In Him

    In him There are rivers that flow to oblivion Beyond the horizon of thoughts In him You shall find dusty roads Murrams, Paths that lie in secret In him Lives solace in a myriad Fountains that flow slowly to silence His head, a bare land In which old men cultivated wise words In […]

Be My Poem

Could you shape words into lillies Metaphors into feelings Could you write me a poem With the colours of your heart in it See my soul through a simile And name my smile Or sing of me in a sonnet Can you see the ocean in my eyes Its waters lie deep Anticipating your allusions […]

I Am Poem

Do not be mistaken This is not a poem I am the poem The reflection of a battle on fire The wings flying against the wind The eagle hungry for bait Because these words search for the living dead I am the unbelievable story you are yet to hear Do not be cheated by my […]

I Want To Think

I want to think thick thighs Like a highway to some heaven Smooth with sensation That brews drunk souls to oblivion I want to think small lips, kissable That would make me drink From a cup of honey saliva Whatever wetness brings Let it do, let it do I want to think orange round breasts […]

Silent Ladder

Am moving to another phase of life Where sex is sweeter And the Bible deeper Here, people look greener But my head’s not growing bigger   Am learning what it means to love a woman She cherishes little nothings And makes bubbles out of dying soap In her world, little things are big Like the […]

Where We Found Love

In a dry oasis Ours were hearts Racing for the finish line I could not catch up But love did not decline The wholes we dug ourselves To hide From the limelight of aging barriers Now grown of itchy cactai Look where we found love In a garden it cannot sprout The greatest feeling we […]


The sun kisses my soul A thousand pieces of crimson rays Sequencing sweet songs in my way Haven’t I met angels Who shot me To heaven and hell alike With their beauties Some with wings, some with spikes Haven’t I swum down tarmacked roads Of flaming colds, darkness untold My heart has hurt a dozen […]

Take Me Back

Heaven cried loud the day love was born A storm torn, passions untold The pages of our love story unfold I want back into those touches bold The rising sun kissing my bald head Kisses of precious gold While I carry you inside me fed So you can never grow cold   Take me back […]

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