Ripe Grapes

The sun’s shining closer to my heart True, Roads with curves amaze me I cherish the ripe grapes That come with mature beauty It is done, it is done Let me now dance with my destiny She is the future…

I Am My Own Man!!

  Pressure. That’s the word ringing in my mind. Confusion…and confusion. Am not sure what falling in love means anymore. But I am, it’s loving someone, right? Man-woman, woman-man, right? Men in my age live like they come from a different planet. Or at least the women in their lives make them. Well, we make […]

Love Can Be Foolish, But It Shouldn’t Be Stupid!!

The heart sparkles with emotions  that very time you’ve found someone new. It’s like a whirlwind that hits  you! You want that feeling to stay infinite. It tastes special, fragrant  and unique. It gets into you the more you spend time with them. We all  love it. Oh! Even the aged. It respects them not. […]


My poem’s persona Rosette of honor On earth, dearth of true beauty She rains like manna Walks with a sunlight banner Burns A peace donor Fresh shiny flesh Scents of refined Rexona Her kisses delight Aspic Lights lives Aoko Daughter of the western lake The water From which many men Dream to slake Slathered with […]

My Black Milk

Her beauty stands erectile Sensitively sharp Like the eyes of a rogue reptile Decipher the cypher That codes her decent smile Worn to add sensation in her fact file Warning! Exquisite! She paints black paths illicit A raw epitome of romantic episodes From an epigram explicit Empirically epic Her heart is cone shaped Coils deep […]

Are We Or Are We Not….In Love??

The human heart…the young human heart. I look at our lives, the confusion we live in. Falling in and out of love, having friends..with benefits…dreaming of perfect relationships…unrealistic ones. Sometimes I wonder what kind of children we’re gonna make if this is the world in the 21st Century. You and I have very dark secrets; […]

When Love Goes Lemon, We Become Lemonades

I know there is this someone whom when you think about you wonder how on earth you ever fell in love with. Maybe you were stupid, just foolish or they stole your heart for some moment before breaking it into pieces and you were just unaware all that time of how things were going. No […]

Lovette Loriet

The profound look in her eyes A cherishing cherry Sad ridden merries Hidden sweetness of a sour berry She smiles like a bird’s chirp Lucid cherubic heart An extract of cool crystalline sap Swum in the turmoil stair cases Of long chilly love-lorn gazes A salty ocean of dirt Confusion and deep hurt Motions of […]

There Are Men

There Are Men. via There Are Men. via There Are Men.

Letter To My Lover

Dearest Love, The past few days have been hard to deal with. I have lost passion, feel like a dry wind that has no direction; empty, lost and confused. Emotions are haunting but am not ready to surrender to the darkness. My soul is a drizzling night, an abandoned bungalow, hollow to the core. This […]

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