Miracle of Life

  I never thought my life would amount to anything. When I ran away to Mombasa to commit suicide I was done with life. 16 was my end. When that matatu hit me in town that May 5th 2005, I couldn’t believe I came out with no fracture, no blood clot. As hard as my […]

Be Art; Life Lessons

The heartbreaks, the noise, the uncertainties, and the void. You wake up one day to a stranger’s body. You didn’t even know when you began changing. City life is a façade. There is no milk and honey in the streets like they think back in Ugenya, Masiro Kathieno. You’d rather that life; the quietude of […]

Surviving The Streets

    I gave her 50 shillings for the little nicety she had offered. It was my first time. I was 16; sort of felt nice to kiss a prostitute. It was then that I realized they’re human. She looked to be in her early twenties, seemingly lost as I was, standing there by Kenya […]

Turning 27

I wanted it to be a different day, a time I could live with for the rest of my life. Maybe, I thought to myself, we should try make each day of our lives memorable. The only birthday I remember celebrating was when I turned seven. Mama baked a caked that I stayed up all […]

The Journey of My Beauty

I have traveled long in search of beauty; written poems about eyes, seashells, thighs, and even natural hair. There were times I’d dream of happy coitus, in some instances, did it too. I’ve looked into women’s behinds, adored their seductive lips and got lost in their bewitching curves. Still, I wasn’t home. I have played […]

I Am Because He Is

May 5th, 2005 was a Friday. It had rained in Nairobi that evening. The city was abuzz with hawkers, umbrellas, mad people running for matatus and very wet buildings, whose warmth nobody cared about. Kanjo must have taken shelter from the downpour or had probably wound up their day at work. Who would chase those […]


There is a way out of the feeling of misery; change. How hard it is to keep improving. It is almost as if clinging to past wisdom is the only thing we know how to do best. I’ve been disturbed by this before, and even recently. But sometimes the wisdom of yesterday cannot be the […]

What Years Do To You

When we are children, so many decisions are made for us: what food we eat, the school we go to, the clothes we wear, the time we should be back home, the friends we hang out with and what church to go to. We are taught to follow instructions without questioning them because that is […]