Be the wind that blows calm That heart that hurts But still with love some Be the grass with dew when morning comes Cold in the dawn But still with a soul so warm Sing your life out In happiness roam And when cometh the storm Whisper hope if you can’t it talk Be that […]


The world circles in squares Men with visions impaired Social misfits, who rift Love hearts into bits Lift up their egos Boasting to be cheats Falling for false things Beasts swimming in rotten deeds Evil bids covered neat God we all need Where are the men who purpose Who take offence in the tag bad […]

Love Chooseth Not

Who chooses when to fall in love The ocean waves sweep even doves Carrying all gates To the roof of the sky above Who chooses when to fall for affection Love chooseth not Do true feelings ever define boundaries Or winds opt not to sweep over weak peripheries Who ever stood in the path of […]

Desert Flower

Does pain make less sense when penned Down roads of rotting thoughts here blend Did I have to sprout in agony trend Drown into languors unsaid with lost friends To find you in this desert a watered flower That soothes me away from feelings bitter sour   Love is for whiles a trickery Whoever falls […]

In The Now

I do not know about tomorrow Because I do not have it in my palms Life is like a song of psalms The sun might shine Or it may rain But the time that is now Is all I can proclaim The past is full of wounds Dried tears and swollen thoughts Pain and wisdom […]

My Heart Saw You

The trees sung your name Every time the wind blew My heart saw you Smiling at me With a feeling so true   In the sky Where we hid In the bloom of blue Red with love But could not escape this flu All that happened flowed Like an inspired river Deep into our souls’ […]

My One Heart Guitar

This crazy feeling That soothes my awesome soul To dance, to the tunes Of the strings Of my one heart guitar Numbers beyond par My world is here Here among you, my stars Laughing to the resounding beats Of this amazing togetherness Deep wits With the touch of velvet Smooth like the sight of sunset […]

Mama Don’t Cry

Mama’s cry haunts me In the background Of my poked conscience Stop crying,mama! Stop! We have to grow family A glorious entity Can’t a man be exemplary Hold his temper Like breath under water? Can’t a man respect a woman’s worth Cast his anger down to earth Throw away his rotten wrath? Father me further,father […]

Make Me A Sun

Ride with me through the air Deep within my heart I am but a plant  Sprouting from the shores  Of a sad ocean  Look for my soul  Mould me a smile  Long into my world My moon is weak  I am but a fruit  Rotting in my soup Wave me a love  No heart ever […]

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