I Am My Own Man!!

  Pressure. That’s the word ringing in my mind. Confusion…and confusion. Am not sure what falling in love means anymore. But I am, it’s loving someone, right? Man-woman, woman-man, right? Men in my age live like they come from a different planet. Or at least the women in their lives make them. Well, we make […]

When Love Goes Lemon, We Become Lemonades

I know there is this someone whom when you think about you wonder how on earth you ever fell in love with. Maybe you were stupid, just foolish or they stole your heart for some moment before breaking it into pieces and you were just unaware all that time of how things were going. No […]

Loving Another Direction.

I totally changed my opinion about Jackie the day I realized that she drinks and clubs. Am sorry to say this but I fear chics who do that stuff. See, my dad is a drunkard. The last thing I wanna see is my girlfriend scooping up bottles of beer down her throat. She is such […]

Dating Dilemma In The Offing…

The news of my grandpa’s death hit me hard. Am still struggling to come into terms with his demise. That’s just how Sunday morning begun, with that sad news, after a superb family function at home that saw us share rare merry moments with my friends and family. Cancer has robbed me of a man […]

Eve Dinner

Good things surely happen to people…but they do not come easy. Does it sound weird when a man talks about relationships? We too are social beings. We too got feelings to air. Eve sent me a text message last night…she was in tears. I couldn’t understand why. She sounded like she’s regretting something. And yes, […]

A Date With The Girls

So Asenath took Jane and I out for some coffee at a sizzling restaurant in the Central Business District. It had been a long time since we had last been together the three of us, but I had been with Jane just a week before. The two had barely set eyes on each other for […]

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