One Poet; One Life At A Time

        Talking to young poets in a mentorship class in Ongata Rongai Both my parents are teachers.I hated how part of our upbringing was because home many times felt like school. I loathed the idea of being an administrator. Funny enough, my father and mother are both first borns in their respective […]

Letter To A Poet

Dear Poet, I pray that this finds you in good health. I am doing fine, thankful to the Lord for bringing rain. It has been overwhelmingly hot lately. So much has been happening on the poetry scene and I thought it would be wise if we had a little tête-à-tête regarding the same. You and I […]

Passion Without Heart Is Dead!

Each time I retire to bed, I sleep with conviction that I do not know where the next morning is going to get me. I could wake up well, sick, with a paralyzed leg, blind, deaf, or the sun could rise and find me dead. With the onset of terrorism and people who are just […]

Teaching Fatuma How To Walk

Last week we held the 14th session of Fatuma’s Voice under a very thunderous theme that got people expressing some very wild thoughts. We are slowly coming of age. The many challenges we are going through make us stronger and wiser. Pawa 254 is an awesome venue for such an event, but we are rapidly running […]

My Life On Stage

When I first pieced my first poem back in 2004, I didn’t know what plans poetry had for me. I was just expressing myself out of the pain I was going through. Now I fathom that pain is beautiful, and words are living things. My first ever public poetry performance was at Pumwani Secondary School […]