What Does Kenya Mean To You? : #IAmKenyan


Looks like a scene from a horror movie, but this is what shall become of our country the more we keep waiting for five solid years to do what we imagine is change by going through what we call General Elections, while in real sense it is more doom we bring upon ourselves because tribalism must always feature in the activity.

I got this photo retouch from Waweru Jackson Macharia. I barely know him but it captured my attention, because my mind thought that it is a profound metaphoric presentation that ought to evoke our mentality of what it means to really be a Kenyan citizen, and probably being an African.

This here, in my opinion, represents the political, social and economic rot that our country shall wallow in if we continue to swim in the deceptive ocean of ignorance, condoning bigotry and fueling emotive barbarism, with the imagination that our blind ethnocentrism shall get us to the promised land; development.

What does Kenya mean to you?




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