Love Starts Within

The world is a round place full of flat faces; cold hearts and fast music. Every person has his untold story. You will be judged by your looks: how you dress, what you eat, and the tone of your voice. You had better have a good voice, otherwise you’ll be ridiculed all your life.

But perhaps the greatest tragedy to happen to humanity is to find people being cold to themselves. How do you get happiness if you never smile at yourself; if you don’t love your groggy voice and shy smile, if you don’t admire how you walk nor the look of your eyes, if you don’t fall in love with your heart and the size of your head, if you do not laugh at yourself when you miss a mark or your tongue slips?

Where do we suppose peace comes from? We fight because we do not have it within ourselves. We envy because we are not contented with the little that we have. But here’s what life has taught me; that it is not about owning things. It’s about experiencing them. So the little or much that we’ve got, it’s how much we make of them that really counts.

I do believe in love. And it starts within.

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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