It’s Not Okay!


You will hate this poem

Because it speaks of that which you fear

You will hate this poem

Because it says that which you don’t want to hear

This poem is in tears

Wetting your mind with questions about life


It cries for the dead

Those who do not feel what it means to be alive

To all the corners of this round world

It sobers unconscious spirits

Poking their conscience with unforgiving words

This poem is not okay

Because it knows it’s not fine

To die of silence with a heart full of ink,

Loud pain compressed in jail buds

This poem is on its way to freedom


How so men are afraid to think

Or maybe they do but only for themselves

I am yet to understand

How an upright mind would recite a lost poem

If a poem be life

Seldom, I admit, do I meet courageous souls in these streets

But from a glance you will see

Smart egoistic cowards who yearn for peace and respect

They lust for lost causes

They, we

Sitting idle waiting for change to happen like magic


If money was all we ever wanted

Why do we never seem to get it?

And if we did

Would we leave each other alone?

It’s not logic


It’s not okay to have our neighbours kill each other

While we sit pretty in our homes thinking we are fine

Because tomorrow it could be us

But nobody will come for help


It’s not okay to have children raped

And the police did nothing about it

And we just let it pass

Like, like children don’t mean anything to us


Oh it’s not okay

To let our fathers go with their sins

While they messed up our families with their egos

Causing havoc to our already wretched lives

And we’re supposed to keep silent

It’s not okay


Is it fun to watch other people die

As long as we are not the ones

And we will run to save our lives

Till all the danger’s done


But I will take you back to this poem!


How many people does it take

To stand for the voiceless

If Fatuma dies today

I don’t know if Wanjiku will stand in her place

Or will she ignore it and pretend to be okay


Who will make the difference if everybody fears to do the right thing?

This poem is not enough

All the music in the world

Graffiti artists that paint for the dumb

All the soldiers in our armies

The teachers who teach with all heart

All the freedom fighters who died soaked in their blood

The lovers who lust for each other in honesty

The truth seekers

Are not enough!

If our actions remain numb


I will take you back to this poem…

It’s not okay!!


Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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