Curved Painting


Have you ever been to a well with talking waters

That breathe life into your soul with silent words

That love feels as sure as the sun in a hot desert

But can get as cold as dew on a gloomy morning


Have you ever met your heart in someone’s

And thought that reality is a dream

You don’t want to wake up from

Even with its webs entangled around your mind

And storms of wars stir in your world

That you choose to lay in sweet captivity

For the sake of what it makes you feel


I’ve been there

I’ve finished my hair twisting and turning

On a sweaty pillow in the longest nights

Painting pictures of jigsaw puzzle dreams

Connecting dots to create trees of unimaginable realms

The woman


Have you ever found yourself free in a person’s lips

In that moment

Like a blind man’s bliss of his first ever shot at sight

But if the heart’s eyes are closed

You can never really meet love

Nor hear her pass by you

Even in the wildest ride on top of a skyscraper’s cliff

Or a journey to the deepest root of the tallest tree


Can our souls grow wings then

So we could plant mustard seeds

Of the sweetest things

So we could be true to our hidden nakedness

And marry reality with fantasy

Spread the painting brush smoothly

Across the pregnant canvas

On which our queer merriment gains shape

With different colours, carelessly

So we could be one with ourselves

And with God

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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