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#FatumasVoice is a figurative gesture for a platform whereby young
people meet to talk about the evils happening in the society and how
they could solve them, their hopes for the future, their life
experiences as well as networking hence expanding their social
circles. We do this through poetry, live music, motivational talks,
and open forum discussions where people air their views on a certain
chosen topic of the day.

Our purpose for holding this event is to encourage young people
like us to know how to express themselves, earn their self-esteem,
improve their talents, be responsible citizens and to make them
understand the value of networking. We realized that young people do
not really get the truth about life in their homes, nor in the
churches or mosques, nor in politics or their social quotas nor in
themselves. We had to think of something that will bring them together
to talk about important things that will help them mature. So far the
bigger bunch of our audience are budding artists. As we grow, we are
already having people from the working class trickling in.

#FatumasVoice is a weekly event that happens on every Friday from
4pm-7pm. We receive moral support from a few people like Churchill Winstones and Bonnie Kim, who mentor
us. We are very encouraged with the impact and progress that this
event has made and we only hope that it goes to higher heights.

Here are the photo links to the previous sessions:








We are @PoetryHubKenya on twitter.

Just in case you would like to contact us (Kenyan Poets Lounge) directly, please find us on 0722 535 035 | 0722 790 479.




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