Ladder To Life (Excerpt from my book ‘On Your Way To Wise Road’)



I have felt the heat of the scorching sun and the strength of the blowing wind. I have tasted the sand with every thud to the ground. My mouth has broken. I have bled, sweated emotions far much beyond the natural. With every drop there is a lesson, sometimes too hard, sometimes so sweet. The challenge of beginning again every now and then has never been child’s play. It takes a higher strength, one that is heavenly.

I marvel at the nerve of passion that humans have been given. It beats my understanding how no matter the extremes of pain, one can still snatch the remaining powders of hope and run away with it to happiness. However, not so many have discovered this gift in them, yet we all have it. It needs no intelligence nor wit but a simple stroke of will, a strong one.

People have different tastes and preferences. Perfection is relative depending on where one is from. Somehow God works with us uniquely in our diverse capacities even though it is hard for men themselves to embrace their indifferences. There is no particular mode of living a perfect life. Whereas bungalows and monies may be used to describe a good life in one place, simple huts and cattle could be used elsewhere to do the same. But peace is not relative. All of us have a common point which we could tell how a good feeling is like when it’s coming from our hearts. That in itself unites humanity as it is a common phenomenon we all identify with.

I discovered that you can fall in love with anyone regardless of their religious affiliation or position in society. Love is heavier than our small mindedness or the selfishness of our flesh. In our heads, we would want people who look in a certain way that we think will satisfy us. It could be the colour of their skin or the size of their body, or they should be born again or have strong beliefs about something. I used to think that way too at some point of my life. But I have learnt that we could get the people who have these attributes and still fail to be happy. They have all the ability to hurt us beyond our imagination, anytime. We often forget that they are humans who are prone to mistakes like we, then end up blaming them for our problems when they fall short of our expectations. It isn’t fair if you looked at it from the bigger picture.

The world is full of many pessimists who think happiness and peace come from the good deeds people do to them and the material things they acquire to achieve comfort. If you can’t find peace within your heart, it can never create itself in a plane. You’ll just be high on pain. You may date a person who attends church every Sunday, understands the concepts of God, knows the Scriptures and how to interpret them. But the reality remains that they are human. They may understand God but they may not understand you. They may not know how best to make you happy, and that’s what we all yearn for; happiness. You may fall in love with the noblest in the society, people who are envied for their character and prudence, but they may not make you envy your relationship with them. It takes more than ‘born again’ or ‘noble’ to find that ‘perfect’ place for your heart.

Life’s not an easy journey. It is difficult to be entirely happy because we are not here for too long and you won’t find acceptance everywhere you go no matter how good you look. It is just a battleground for an afterlife. How well you fight depicts where you go after death. Your victory or loss is known after that last breath. And it’s an individual experience. The people and material things you leave behind will never know where you go. In this world we are just a burning coal which turns to ashes after glowing hard for so long then we get thrown away like we had no use to anyone.

It does linger in my mind sometimes, how man thinks that legalism makes him righteous; that everything must be done in a certain criteria for it to turn out successful or be deemed compatible to the conformity of the patterns of this world or even to the eyes of God. We do make life look like a Science experiment. Many people get to their graves before they lived an inch, and sadly, the world is full of the walking dead who reel in their ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ but deep inside they know they are not okay. I have grown up with a lot of pretence myself. In very many cases I had to do things to make people happy in the name of respect. Kinda made me become rebellious with time. And that is what the world has grown to become; rebellious.

We are first cruel to ourselves for living in masks then time passes and we realize that we cannot go on living a lie and we begin frustrating other people. I once heard Bill Cosby say in an interview that hurt people hurt people. I refuse to die broken, only if it has to be for God, and even then, that would mean I’d die whole because it was for a greater purpose.




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