I Want To Think


I want to think thick thighs
Like a highway to some heaven
Smooth with sensation
That brews drunk souls to oblivion

I want to think small lips, kissable
That would make me drink
From a cup of honey saliva
Whatever wetness brings
Let it do, let it do

I want to think orange round breasts
With a beating heart beneath
Curved to an epic perfection
With silent fat inside
Dozens of nerves aroused
As if to stiffen their nipples

I want to think hot air
…and pants
In and out like a thief on the run
For this is stealing goodies under the sun
Even be there rain
I want to think

I want to think moans that mourn
My name called out cold
In the scuffle
When pleasure and pain greet
When meat and meat meet
Ohw, I want to think…

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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