It was the last thing I saw coming
That look in your eye
Smooth sail
That smell I feel when it has rained
The soil’s scent, delight
Your heart’s a walking light
You are the greatest story of submission

Days come upside down
And in my sorrow, your solace
Gives me a warm soothing bath
A tap on the back, and I hear
Bring your peace to birth
Let it calm

You have me drunk, love
Lest I die in your affection, you warn
My heart is not discreet
From men, lust hides no secrets
Love too
Oh, God knew my journey

I weep by your side
Like a new born child
Indulge in your dirges too
With utmost heart
I’m the man who’s sick for your taste
Compelled to chase after your musings
Like a lost dove
Looking for a home in the air

It is well, I say
Lead me to heaven
I am in no doubt, you are the one
Proverbs do come true, after all
More than twice I have thought
Perhaps it is not in my worth
But now I know
I am your Abraham…

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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