Silent Ladder

Am moving to another phase of life

Where sex is sweeter

And the Bible deeper

Here, people look greener

But my head’s not growing bigger


Am learning what it means to love a woman

She cherishes little nothings

And makes bubbles out of dying soap

In her world, little things are big

Like the power of a whisper

And time is her greatest need


Am learning how to be a man

My father never made it easier

Now I see how pain is beautiful

His flaws made me wiser

But at the expense of my dear mother


Am heading further from the ground

Things are changing

The man in me is found

It beats logic to make a lot of noise

Yet expect to gather a mind sound


Sunset may come early or late

But whichever side of darkness you live in

Away or within

There are never right ways

Of doing wrong things

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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