Lonely Woman

lonely woman

I watch you!

Walk in the city streets

With faces green, black and red

Are we the citizens our freedom fighters bred?

For whom they lost their precious lives in dirty bloodshed!


I watch you!

Sleep in tendrest pretence

Passing by beggars in your suits

Your stomach fed

Wearing scorching smiles

But your heart’s really dead


Did you or did you not say?

Last night on your facebook post I read

That you…

Will never vote for them

That they…

Steal from your people

As if your bedrooms have gold beds!

Are you…

That sort of a slave!

A politician’s pet!

Riding on his wagon

Pretending it is peace you spread!


This country is in need of people who are true!

A people who do not call red, blue

A vision!

A vigilant generation!

To stand for its core values

Souls that will walk in the right shoes

Not fight over who is who


This country is in need of children

Who will look her flag go up and beat their chests!

Vow to fight the intruder, CORRUPTION!!

Live for fellow brethren

Die to tie broken ties

In these tough times

Untie the bondage of tribal cocoons

In the sky, paint new moons


Kenya, in her beauty, needs an honest lover

She needs a true partner

Kenya, wants you to wake up from your slumber

She is your mother

A lonely woman

Kindly love her…

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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