Threatening The Chief Justice: Coward’s Rod


Watching the Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, narrating how some unscrupulous people mailed him death threats if he and his contingent at the Judiciary fail to clear Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to appear in the March 4th General Election ballot papers gave me a careworn face. To imagine that there are Kenyans out there who are not yet ready to win a game fairly brings shame to all of us. But I respect the Chief Justice for his brevity to stand undeterred. Kenyans have over the years developed a culture of cowardice that they cannot stand for what they know is right. What caliber of sheer ignorance is that? Wait and see how the people in question will brainwash them in those noisy rallies. Nobody will ask themselves questions. We do not have the behaviour of testing furphy. However, if that letter to the CJ was a mastermind of the CORD alliance, which we cannot rule out, then it only shows you how poor the people we are running to elect to office are. Politics is a game of cards but who said jokers must always win it? (Pun intended)

Reflecting on the events that took place in the post election violence, no normal human being would want a re-occurrence of anything like that. Ask Rwanda, they know what happened to them and the repercussions. Some people actually want us to head that way like they have nothing to lose. I remember watching my uncle in the news being chased by angry youth hungry for his blood in Naivasha on the day the chaos went full blown, managing to bring him down and beating him up unconscious. They probably thought he was dead, that’s why they left him. It’s a miracle the chap is still alive. There is a long story behind that. I don’t want our country to go back there. Gone should be the days where death threats are used to intimidate a high profile public office servant who stands to make a high profile decision. I keep saying that a good majority of us need dire emancipation from mental slavery because politics has blinded our minds and politicians love that fact.

Mutunga refuses to be deracinated. He stands as a tall exemplary figure of what patriotism and the rule of law ought to present. I mean, what’s all this fuss about elections? Shouldn’t we just wait for March 4th, vote, go home and wait for the results? Whoever they announce as president, we accept it and life goes on. It’s unfortunate that some people really do not want to see us in one piece. It stings to bits. And what will Kenyans do even after knowing that foul play looms? We will still fanatically worship our preferred candidates like they are gods from some planet. Those people have no political goodwill. They will chant all manner of promises but their body language screams in an unseen lingo. We need sober leaders, for heaven sake, not cartoons!

In fact, it may surprise you to note that maybe the kind of leaders Kenya needs are the less popular ones, because they are circulated with less speculations if not none. Why would I go ahead to force myself into the ballot paper yet I very well know that the people I want to lead do not fathom the value of true democracy, that they are tribal and uncouth fanatics who do not even know what they want for their country? And even after knowing thus, being the so called leader that I am, I do not earnest my energies to see to it that these people comprehend what leadership should be about first and I don’t gauge what I say in public just because I want them to vote for me. That’s what Kenyans love coping up with. Interestingly, we know the truth but choose to ignore it. I am angry at us because we always go back to our vomit. We are foolish children who gladly glide in the fact that our parents call us wise so we are okay with everything else. That’s when a Nigerian will go like, ‘Chineke!!

On a serious note, every person’s vote counts. The candidate we prefer for president might win or not. And even if it is a must that they win, they will only be able to rule this country for a maximum time width of a decade as per the constitution of this land. Then what after that? We shall vote for his or her son/daughter just because they belong to our tribe yet they never give us any direct benefits in our daily lives? That’s poverty being bred.

We are slaves of our own making. We should not complain of poor leadership because we love to vote for poor standards. Those politicians laugh at us when they meet for cuppas in posh hotels while we are busy calling each other names on social media with the uncertainty of whether we shall even be having supper on Wednesday next week. Who is the fool?

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  • Anonymous

    (February 21, 2013 - 10:57 am)

    Great article man #Thumbs

    • Rixpoet

      (February 21, 2013 - 11:22 am)

      Thank you!

      This country is ours to build.

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