Love Can Be Foolish, But It Shouldn’t Be Stupid!!

The heart sparkles with emotions  that very time you’ve found someone new. It’s like a whirlwind that hits  you! You want that feeling to stay infinite. It tastes special, fragrant  and unique. It gets into you the more you spend time with them. We all  love it. Oh! Even the aged. It respects them not.


There are those funny things we find ourselves doing for the people we love  most either to attract their attention or simply  to express our affection. You will call or text at 3a.m, live on debts  just to buy them something they really treasure, talk to them for the  longest hours, delay assignments just because you want to hear them  speak, look into their eyes or something, hold their hands in public to  show everyone else how much they belong to you alone, and alike. We know  these things, we’ve all done them.


    There  is a force that drives you to grow fond of someone so deeply to the  extent of easily forgiving them whenever they wrong you, even when they do you the weirdest stuff that hell considers foreign. It’s  one of those things that are so hard to control. It’s like an intoxication of blindness. You never want to see  them hurt so you put your heart on the line all the time and make all  manner of sacrifices for their well being even when it is crystal clear  that you are suffering. And it’s easy to pretend that everything is  under control and that you’ve got it all figured out.


There  are two types of violence in a relationship; physical and emotional.  Both are severe. Of course we are all conversant with the implications  of the latter. The emotional bit is where most of us choose to die in.  You may have a partner who will never raise their hands to hit you when  they’re mad but they’re just totally emotionally absent. You will do  everything in your capacity to see to it that you express your love for  them, at least according to the highest standards of your knowledge and  feelings, but they never seem to appreciate your efforts. And it nags  most when they just laugh it off.


What  most of us do; decide to give them time, which is actually the right  thing, just to see if they will try.  And if they don’t improve, we  begin living in denial, that it is all well or maybe so and so was  created that way. You die in the silence, simply out of the fear of  losing this person. You love them too much to confront them over an  issue that needs such urgent address. They hurt you and take it lightly,  knowing  at the back of their mind that you will definitely forgive  them. Some even go to the extent of humiliating you in front of their  friends. This, am relating more to unmarried couples. Yes, they say  love is all about patience, and all that, but that  does not stop you from being human – a piece of moulded frame that’s  made of flesh and prone to pain.


The  more you hurt in silence, the more you harm your personality, self  esteem, your ability to be logic, your creativity and freedom. You  literally become a zombie, a slave to self imposed imprisonment. Yes,  your partner could be the best guy or lady you have not met in the  countless relationships you’ve had before. You definitely fear another break up.  I used to think that holding all that pain means that I am strong,  but I was so wrong. It reached a point where my heart could no longer  hold on to crap. You just be open to someone and tell them what you feel and what you suggest ought to be done to tackle the situation at hand.


Some people take advantage of you when they realize you love them too much. Love, in the case of a relationship, only makes sense when it is mutual. In fact, a relationship has no direction when it is one way. It is in the actions someone does that shows you the intensity of their love for you. Words are just what they are – words. Actions shape the roots of our feelings. Words just water the plants that come out of them.


It is okay to do a few foolish things for love, but stuff takes a different turn when you become stupid just because you love someone too much. Let go! Just let go! Free yourself from that bondage and begin living again. There are many people out there who will appreciate your hard work and love you back. Break away from those chains! It does not matter how deep the relationship has gone nor how much you have messed up! It has nothing to do with your past, but has everything to do with your present and your future. I decided to take control of my life. It’s your turn now. If you really want to be happy, you must be prepared to face the truth.


There are no real institutions on the ground to emancipate young people from these kind of societal challenges. If anything, publishing this text in print or online may not make the impact that coincides with the seriousness of its message. But maybe because you have read it and perhaps relate to it in one way or another, you have gained something and you will pass this precious little information to someone whom you think really needs it at this time.

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