Woe Unto Kenya

The appalling citizenship many Kenyans own, if our country was human, she would be crying everyday over people who pretend to love her yet they keep breaking her heart all the time. Why can’t Kenyans treat their country like they treat their loved ones? Family goes beyond blood when we are living within the same borders. That tribal talk that seems to have passionate roots in our lives does not bring food to our tables, neither does it solve most of our problems. Realistically, not all the people who have helped us in life are our tribal mates, and in fact, a big bunch could be the ‘outsiders’ we shun when politics reigns our lines of thought.

I don’t understand how it is possible for most of us to carry out our daily activities mingling with everyone else but politics changes everything. It does not make sense. It is even more disturbing that during those times, it is a few selfish individuals we are trying to root for. Individuals who only love us dearly when they need our votes then ‘divorce’ us after the ballot has been cast, only to come back five good years later when we have struggled to raise our children in a harsh economy, and expect to be reinstated as head of the house. Oh, and we allow it. Are we then rogue lovers or just experts in political retardation?

The polls are right now staring at us. See how our learned friends in the political arena are burning the midnight oil to woo good people to get them into public offices come March 4th, next year. If only they would work for the well being of this country with such gusto, we would be talking of a very different Kenya today. The money being splashed out in these campaigns are enough to change our economy. Wanjiku may not have the ‘power’ to stop this. Maybe because of her mental slavery begotten of the blind love for her tribe. Will there come a time in Kenya when a Kikuyu can vie for a political position in Kisumu? Or a Luo woman run for a seat in Othaya? We talk about national cohesion in urban areas while the real work is needed in rural places. A good number of folks in this country need dire emancipation from mental poverty.

I will tell you something, this country’s future is in our hands. That’s a literal statement. I like the way Egyptians fight for their causes. President Mohamed Mursi’s decree granting himself extended powers did not go down well with them and they marched out to Tahrir Square to voice out their concerns. It would be a perfect outing if no life had to be lost but the message was sent home anyway. In our case, politicians make dubious mistakes and the only thing we do is rant on social sites but do nothing on the ground. Our lives have been saturated by an annoyingly lack of passion if patriotism is anything to go by.

The biometric voter registration is currently underway. It’s obvious we shall all flock to register in the last minutes of the last day, and it’s also almost obvious that the boundaries commission will add us more time to register as we are awesome procrastinators. We should not be complaining about how politicians take us for granted, they didn’t vote themselves to power. We are the problem!!

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