My Black Milk


Her beauty stands erectile
Sensitively sharp
Like the eyes of a rogue reptile

Decipher the cypher
That codes her decent smile
Worn to add sensation in her fact file
Warning! Exquisite!

She paints black paths illicit
A raw epitome of romantic episodes
From an epigram explicit
Empirically epic
Her heart is cone shaped
Coils deep
Sweet for comfortable visits
Oh yah! Better believe it!

She is my black milk
Makes my soul tick
Soft like sleek silk
Swift my eyes flick
In her world when I sink
Sleeps still
When from her spirit I drink
Steals my composure
When at me she winks
Love makes her meek
Call her one word; sick!

She is the Kikuyu ‘jaber’
‘Kaírítù mamit’
‘Nyathii maler’
Love’s own pulpit
Passion is what I feel
Whenever her lips stick
Lavished with lime lipstick
She is authentically Kenyan
You can feel it in her sweet name

Njeri …

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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  • JamesHLD

    (October 12, 2012 - 8:38 am)

    Never backdown, your confidence will take you far…be blessed lady and continue inspiring others!!!!

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