Setting Sunrise

There is this one person you fell in love with. This one person whose heart you so cherished. We all come across them; people whom we meet and feel like there’s never gonna be any other. We wrote them the deepest poems, told them the juiciest words, just to let them know what they meant to us. Love was our fashion – we literally walked dressed in it and was the only thing we spoke and spat. The future looked bright. It was bright. Perhaps, we thought. Maybe it’s even brighter now but we could not imagine getting there without this person.

It’s hard to understand how the human heart was made. One minute you’re in love with someone and in the next you do not want to see them. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Thing is, how much are you ready to sacrifice to keep holding on to it and make it as beautiful as it was when it begun?

It’s unfortunate that sometimes we end up disappointing those who love us by falling in love with other people, or simply run dry of the affection we had for them, and expect to just get away with it. I’ve done that in the past, and no, I am not proud of it. I know its consequences. It happens to us too; that life was all sunny with a few cold specs here and there but all of a sudden a storm appears from nowhere and persists for longer than you had imagined, leaving you heartbroken and in tatters. You know that kind of drama.

A long spell of denial ensues. Breakups drain all of us, including those with the hardest hearts. Trust me, even Hitler would have reacted had his wife left him due to his inhuman partakings. Maybe by killing even more Jews, because he loved her. The sad fact is that the heart’s pain is unscratchable (if such a word exists). You just can’t ignore it no matter who you are. Some of us even end up doing drugs or dive into excessive drinking to camouflage from hurt. Very few people have the courage to face reality head on!

But after some time, the storm quells. You learn to walk again, step by step. It’s not easy to completely get over someone you really loved. Sometimes we never. One thing or the other happens and the person who hurt you most creeps back into your life. Oh yes! They want you back. This is always the hardest part to explain. How did it happen? What catapulted it? While that might cause chilling ripples deep down your heart, it could also spark a new ray of hope. And depending on how close you were, you might consider giving them a second chance. It’s an astounding leap of faith. You may not even have completely healed from your wounds, but the soft spot you have for him/her, and with the hope that things might work out with another try, decide to give in to letting them back into your heart, perhaps even before being friends first.

And then just when you thought he/she would cherish and love you more, they end up doing more damage by screwing up the chance you gave them to prove their plight. What you feel after that is a word am still looking up in the dictionary.

Never do that to someone. You might mess up their whole life. I know a lot of people out there will leave hell to take care of it. But it’s a different story when it happens to you. When you’re given a second chance, especially if you’re the one who asked for it, please be sane enough to take it seriously. It’s not a joke!

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