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I like talking about young people. I’m one myself. I feel a lot of problems we face are brought about by ourselves. The world has had its histories, of people who did tremendous things against all odds, those who turned out to be role models and pace setters – be they scientists, academicians, artistes and so forth. They were driven by self to become who they are and many of them even have great influence in our lives.

But my problem comes when I realize that many young people do not have a clear grasp of their lives. We’re obsessed with success, blinded by the glitter of being sexy, permissive to the core and generally lost, all in the name of creating a perception of an identity we do not own.

The way we want people to know us is not who we really are. We’re not self driven yet we always want to be associated with the best of the best. And unfortunately, many of us waste their lives walking in other people’s shoes while we hide ours just because we do not want the world to know how torn they are. It does catch me sometimes too, but I cannot imagine pretending to be someone am not for too long. Unless it’s a role am playing in some film, but in real life, you won’t act forever. Someday you’re gonna wake up and wonder what happened to all the people you called friends, and especially after the reality dawns on you that you’ve been living a fake life and it’s time to own up.

It’s normal for all of us to want to be appreciated or to have a sense of belonging to a certain clique or even just general society. But some of us tend to push that want too far and end up forgetting to be real. We come from different backgrounds. The truth is that some of us come from rich families, some from middle class and others from poor ones. Regardless of where we belong, each of us has a fight in this life. We’re all equal in God’s eyes, and we all need to be accountable to our own selves first before we become thus to other people.

The world runs rapidly. There is immense moral degradation and many of us have become band wagons, living in disguise in order to be branded ‘cool’. But if ‘cool’ is fake then you will never be really cool. You will get tired of wearing masks and plastic smiles. You will hurt often because all you do is trying to please people all the time. The point you’re missing is that you are a very important and precious person who does not know his/her worth, or perhaps has just forgotten.

While you waste time working to fit into acceptance circles that only benefit your ego and not your soul, you’re growing old. And gosh! Life is harsh! No one cries with you when you realize it’s your life that’s gone. People will look at you and go their way, the same thing they do to the beggars in the streets. Except for those who truly care for you – often very few, and you’ll be very lucky to find even one, including family.

You realize you’ll be very productive once you are at peace with yourself no matter the hurdles you face. The earlier you fathom that you will not stay young forever, the better for you and the people in your life. God made you to be you. Do not conform to the endeavors of this world as you won’t end up in a safe place. Be cool with yourself before you can be cool for everyone else. Be real. Be yourself. And don’t do it to please people. Do it for you and your God.

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