Are We Or Are We Not….In Love??

The human heart…the young human heart. I look at our lives, the confusion we live in. Falling in and out of love, having friends..with benefits…dreaming of perfect relationships…unrealistic ones. Sometimes I wonder what kind of children we’re gonna make if this is the world in the 21st Century. You and I have very dark secrets; secrets we’ll not be proud of if our to be spouses heard. We have a struggle in which we are battling in. The fight is intense. It’s hard to begin a relationship. We find ourselves starting many fires at once, trying with many people. Sometimes our efforts end up backfiring, and sometimes, we hook up with one person. Other times, all of those people want to hook up with us, and we’re left confused over who to choose and who to leave out. Then we end up hurting hearts which thought we would connect while in the real sense, we were only playing trial and error.


There is no formal manual to the rules of dating. Different things work out for different people, save for those which all of us must do while trying to get intimate with someone for a relationship to have a strong base. But unfortunately our relationships are not strong. Perhaps we don’t even know what falling in love really means. One day we are so much into someone then the fire burns out in our watch and we do nothing about it. We hop into someone else hoping that something serious will come out of it, and then…our hopes just remain that…hopes.


The search for the right person is sure frantic. A willing heart would keep doing it till that person turns up. Problem is it’s hard to know them. By the time you realize you’re in the company of the last person you ever wished for, you have given so much to the point of almost selling out your whole self. Heartbreak sets in, for the umpteenth time, that you’re probably used to it now.


What’s the real problem with us young people? Are we too impatient? Too unsure even of ourselves? A wake up call is urgently needed. What’s with the queer settling norm of sleeping around with people with whom we are not emotionally attached to? More so, our friends? Are we simply telling ourselves that it’s the best way to enjoy sex and have a good life while escaping the perils of being in a committed relationship? I pity our generation. But wait…what’s next?


Somebody needs to wake up from slumber! We need to be very conscious of the kind of people we let into our lives. These blind entangles we web ourselves in only drive us to doom. Then we are the very people who will insinuate that true love does not exist, while we are the very ones who extinguish it. It’s time somebody stood for what is right, whether that will make us lose friends and gain foes, but what is worthy is worth it. Picture your children tomorrow, ask yourself if you would like them to be like you. And who are you anyway? Do you even know yourself? Am I talking to someone? Arise from slumber I say!! Stop gambling with your life! You know you don’t deserve what you’re putting yourself through.

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