The world circles in squares
Men with visions impaired
Social misfits, who rift
Love hearts into bits
Lift up their egos
Boasting to be cheats
Falling for false things
Beasts swimming in rotten deeds
Evil bids covered neat
God we all need

Where are the men who purpose
Who take offence in the tag bad ass
Bad as their swollen souls may lack colours
Men, who stand for the right matters
Wouldn’t kill
Just to make their bank accounts fatter
Men, who think before they flirt
Weigh before they follow young skimpy skirts
Confess the truth with no buts
Love the women they call sluts
Respect them for who they are
Not salivating for their big butts

Oh, where are the men!

Men, who purpose to chase God
See life beyond their smartphones and i-pods
Men, who will humble before they stumble
Seek the truths of life
Make the world tremble


Where are the men
Who are just men
Meant to relent not to frets
Nor scared of the devil
With his shallow threats
I wonder what would happen
If God took away His breath
He wants His people back
So sad the world has got us all stuck

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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