Woman Of My Dreams

Not all dreams come to us while in bed. Sometimes a dream is a goal. What you envision in your mind and hope in your heart. I’m done with girls. Though there’s always a girl in every woman much as there’s a boy in every man. We all have people whom we wish we would have around us, and in many cases for men, it’s a beautiful woman for a wife. So much for all the drama rocking relationships all over the world. The art of falling in love has never lacked colour to raise brows and shake souls. Romance could be overrated in the 21st century but we still want to be with that person who makes life worth living.

I will sample a story of a married couple that died in a building that collapsed in Mlolongo the other day. They were the owners of a restaurant situated at the ground floor of the building and were incidentally together when the disaster struck. They died in each other’s arms after constant futile efforts of calling their relatives for help. Help that was never coming. They were pulled out of the rubble while still embracing each other. I think the saddest but most romantic couple death story I’ve ever come across.

We’re growing up  in a crazy generation. Not with all the perversion going on. Really, to get true love is a tall order. Woman of my dreams? She’s in the lines of Proverbs 31. It’s just ironic that our women complain that men are good for nothing while am tempted to say we have a good number of them who are quite the same. Actually I just said it. Who is to blame anyway? Society? That’s another day’s debate, but I celebrate the fact that there are women who still stand by their principles, those who understand the true meaning of femininity. Life is funny. Or maybe this only happens while we’re still young, of good men falling for the wrong women and vice versa. We have all these divorce cases to show for it. There is love and marriage. To compact the two into one lifetime is, truth be told, drawing water from a well using a spoon; hard, very hard.

That’s not to mean that life in marriage is hell. Well, it is sometimes, but I won’t dwell on it now. I’ve never been married so it even seems unrealistic to talk about it. Woman of my dreams. I’d really appreciate it if God gave me a woman like Eve. You know, Adam was such a lucky man. He just woke up from sleep and found a woman waiting. Naked. He didn’t have to use any pick up lines nor pull a Shakespeare to woo anyone. There was only one to choose from, the best. And it’s what God gave. That’s what I want too.

The world is in a difficult era. People want to have fun till they hit a hundred. Have you heard them singing? Bad boys ain’t good but good boys ain’t fun. So you wonder what in the world they want. A funny life perhaps? Well, yeah, it’s hard to find someone who means business in a relationship. Mature and real. Someone who accepts their mistakes and will do anything to make things right when they realize they’ve wronged you. Of course you’d do all this in return because you love them too. Now that’s the kind of a relationship I’d enjoy having.

I really envy Adam and Eve. They had the whole world to them-Garden of Eden. And you see how the Bible describes it? It was heaven on earth. Even though Eve made Adam eat the forbidden fruit and they were kicked out, she remained the love of his life. Or was it because there was no other option? Well, Adam is not here to answer that.

A woman who understands her man, stays truthful to him and lives to make him happy. A woman with a jovial heart, a humble soul and of course a sense of humour. Am not running a dating site here, please don’t get me wrong. Hehe! Woman of my dreams. She’s a poem. And I don’t just see her while am asleep, she’s my goal. What I envision in my mind. What I hope in my heart.    

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