The ocean wave rises
From hidden water
A dozen crises
Angry with a rage outsourced
That could not allow me
To let beauty pass by

Am I the blind lover
Writing choruses to a dead wind?
Or is it the parlance of my mind
That sees you as a masterpiece?

The sun hearts you inside it
How your smile is definite
While the sea shores wail in harmony
Of a flying wave
You are compelled
To run not from destiny

Mine to peace pieces
Your heart now my source of laughter
I am strong in your flatter
In little bits hurts scattered
For refuge is the name of your arms
Here I draw my pure water

Heaven is the embrace you give me
You do it every time
With feminine chivalry
The rain that reigns my pains
The comfort that drains my stains
As if to carry me
Into loveable ways
In which I am the ocean
And you the fountain bay
Here inside you
Is where I want to stay

I be yours
And you
Mine to peace pieces
With your sweet little kisses
When it’s pure it never misses       

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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