Dry Dew

Dew’s done down my soil
As dry as the desert sand my heart
Bleeding from blades that toiled
To bury the sun that kept me lit

Even as love evades my path
Life chooses not to erase my wrath
The sour taste of scorn from cherished flowers
It is done, my soul sad ridden

A salty swamp on my wet brow
Swimming in these forsaken murky waters
Above all tides, I know
My will remains beyond pain of pains

Isn’t it God I should seek?
For no soul has strength to stomach
The dirty well, my cry load
Only Him, my Lord
He whose Word a double edged sword

I choose to stand the wall
Clap in this sorrow
Harden my heart for the free fall
I am pregnant
Bitter begotten
But in the end, not cease to live

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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