Where We Found Love


In a dry oasis
Ours were hearts
Racing for the finish line
I could not catch up
But love did not decline
The wholes we dug ourselves
To hide
From the limelight of aging barriers
Now grown of itchy cactai

Look where we found love
In a garden it cannot sprout
The greatest feeling we could ever have
Stonking stout
Sadly silently flying out
The sorrow in your eyes pierces
No choice
But to cry and kiss goodbye

I will look back into the times
Wipe my tears, into the future sublime
Embrace the emotions
In which we gracefully dined
For you and I
Cannot go past this line
A decade is far too wide
But even though love conquers all whiles
Where we found love
We cannot go for miles

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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