The sun kisses my soul
A thousand pieces of crimson rays
Sequencing sweet songs in my way
Haven’t I met angels
Who shot me
To heaven and hell alike
With their beauties
Some with wings, some with spikes
Haven’t I swum down tarmacked roads
Of flaming colds, darkness untold
My heart has hurt a dozen fold
Oh did I forget love is bold

The rain soaks my pains
Struck by lightning
The feeling so frightening
Stinging deep into rotten memories
I was once a grave
Silently alive but brave
Here in my dear tears
I can but again smile
For sunset delays for a while
To let me marvel in style
At the angel that made me
A smooth criminal

Haven’t I broken songs sung
Cried the whiles I bit my tongue
Died for some time, from death sprung
It’s a desolate world we live among
But love, the reason we still sing bangs
Hers the eyes that brought back my life
From the bonds that struck me with strife
I am running the race
Watch me take these humble strides
Making a good fight
Tomorrow I’ll be her flight
For am struck
In this love, where am all stuck  

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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