Cherish The Love You Have

Nobody remembers the first time they opened their eyes. The moment we are born, we are oblivious of the things we’re going to meet in this world. In the journey of growth though, we develop feelings and begin having wants and needs, be they emotional, psychological or even physical. At whatever stage of life, everyone expects to experience a sense of belonging wherever they are in order to be happy. But home is the first place we all want to see this, at least for those who are lucky enough to be under a roof.

With time, we all mature. It reaches a point when we begin to understand the deeper sense of family and love. We develop attractions towards people of the opposite sex, and if we’re lucky, they get attracted to us too. If all goes well, we enter into romantic relationships, and then all the confusions of life begin burning like bush fire. A very minute number of people are always prepared for this phase of life. With these changing times, parents have become too busy for their children, society is becoming crueler with each day that passes, and love happens to land on harsh places where it cannot breed. The result, a generation with no sense of direction.

Today, keeping relationships proves to be one of the greatest challenges facing the human race. We hurt people and people hurt us. Sometimes we recover from heartbreak but some of us just don’t. Some kill themselves when love deals go sour, while some are lucky enough to find the right people at an early stage of their lives and go on to live happily ever after, even though this happens very rarely now. You can never really define a relationship by comparing it to another. Each one is unique. At least that’s what I think. There is a lot of drama that comes with hoping from one relationship to another. It’s nothing easy.

Religion may offer most of the answers to our problems, but I feel it is not enough. The greatest solutions we ever get come from within; from the moment we set out to make the right decisions then incorporate them with religion and other helpful avenues that make us wiser. Love breaks hearts, but it should not break people. However, some of us allow it to break us. Many young people ignore the fundamentals of building lasting relationships. We are in such a hurry to live that sometimes the best things come our way and pass without us noticing. Looking for perfect partners is quite literally our agenda, a goal we never really achieve as it is never realistic. There is a very big difference between ideal and perfect. By the time you discover you’ve been making many mistakes trying get that perfect someone, time has gone, you’re still alone and with burdens in your heart.

That is not to mean that we shouldn’t find people whom we feel happy around. In essence, we ought to take our time to establish a strong relationship with whom we finally decide to settle for and with. Of course this only applies if your partner shares the same thoughts. I know it’s quite a challenge, but I feel we’re not doing enough to cherish love once we get it. It’s like we long so much for it then let it slip away the moment we grasp it. The true way to experience the depth of love is by cherishing someone to our deepest level of ability, to be in them whole heartedly and to put your trust in God first. Both of you can only understand this if you have attained a certain level of maturity. It doesn’t go for every Tom, Dick and Harry.  It is very important that we include God in our relationships as it is extremely hard to make it without doing thus, trust me.

So while you and I can, let’s cherish the love we have. Life can be so enjoyable. Of course things will not always go as perfect as we hope them to, but it makes a difference if we do our best to make them. Once we start taking each other for granted, it’s the beginning of failure. Where would we be if God took us for granted?

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  • Rosemary Kowuor

    (May 19, 2012 - 12:38 pm)

    Thanks Eric for reminding me to spend a little more time with members of my family.

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