On This Road I Travel

On this road I travel, I know I have a long way to go. These countless lessons that life throws at me, am soldiering on, taking each day as it comes. I have an empire in my mind to share with the world, a world inspired by the existence of love and its manifestation in my life. It’s do or die for me. Maybe not.


With the many friends that make me strong…it’s a journey that am yet to complete. On my way up, I find myself hurting some people I care about, and sometimes I end up mistaken. I searched for love in places it never existed. Well, it followed me and found me on the way…this road.


Time is running fast, responsibilities calling each day, every moment. Memories of a past I want to forget still keep haunting, am still hunting. Am thankful to the Almighty that I still breathe, after all the encounters with death that I have had while on this road. Somehow, I have never learnt how not to risk after it came to my realization that you can’t make it in life with fear’s inspiration.

I have to be fierce with determination. On this road I trudge, I meet thousands of discouragements, hungry for my blood. And even though sometimes am engulfed by disappointments, am kept strong by the thought that you are less likely to be hurt when you’re ready for anything and things go contrary to your expectations. That’s life…the life we live.


Time and again I have to make stop overs to quench my undying thirst, but my quest for excellence shall never cease. That I know for sure, till I get to my destination. All I know about life…is love, and love alone. I know that soon, I shall be rewarded for the pains I’ve been through, the affliction and toil. God will succour my elegance for the goodness of His Kingdom, so that I can be a living testimony to all those who need Him in their lives.


It’s my mission on earth, to win souls to His House, the greatest Empire that shall ever live. On this road I travel…I am The One…

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  • Rosemary Kowuor

    (May 19, 2012 - 5:25 pm)

    Let’s leep traveling on the road to our destiny. With God, there is no impossibility – delay is not denial.

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