Giving Your All

Life awards us with opportunities we pray to come across. It could b getting a job, finding your dream partner, getting money to take you to campus, establishing honest relationships and so forth.


We fondly glamour in the excitement of achieving something we’ve been craving for in a long time, or better still, it could be as a result of fate favouring us.


Life takes a different turn and we begin to see things differently. But one thing that worries me is that once our lives become comfortable, we subconsciously tend to take things for granted. A queer element of arrogance creeps into our systems and we gradually change certain perceptions about life, most of which interfere with the clarity of our conscience.


When we find love, some of us begin to take it for granted because we think it will always be there. We stop appreciating the things that matter and find ourselves wandering in paths of pride and prejudice.


It’s of fundamental value that we realize that life begins to end the day we start forgetting the essence of doing the simplest things to show appreciation and positive involvement.


Give your all once you have what you’ve been praying for, and don’t leave love behind. Live your life to the fullest. Give your all.

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