When You Know Where You Are Going

Life maybe a simple thing if you view it from the perspective of simply breathing in and out. But there are deeper truths and fundamentals about it that we are often culprit to ignore. Man was made to live a purposeful life in full strength to his trust in God and respect to humanity…but ohw…what a contrast we experience in the modern world.


The world is full of bitter people, selfish, distraught, angry and inconsiderate. Men fight day in day out to prove to others that they are the best, they rule. It’s quite unfortunate that people have stopped living and are busy dying, figuratively in the sense that the important things don’t seem to matter anymore. Time is characterized by investment in self enhancement. Everyone is living alone. People are so lonely. We have forgotten that one person cannot make happiness. It has to be shared to grow.But we just get it wrong.


At the rate which humanity is plunging into the pit of self destruction, it is almost impossible to see a turn around of events, of culture, of character and values. It has been a gradual degradation and reversing it could be as dramatic as a thriller dream. Nevertheless, the conscience should be put to task as to which rightful path to lead in life. The world adores it’s earthly possessions…Do you adore your inner possessions? Do you even know what you are made of? Do you study your mind to know your abilities, strengths and weaknesses? Do you know the state of your heart? What you are feeling deep within yourself? Or is everyday just a day like the other and another? Do you have a purpose?


We,young people have grown up with a culture of permissiveness and rebellion to the extent that we seldom seek to know our true selves and invest time to get to know the hidden wisdoms of life.We’ve found the world developed.Everything comes easy now,breeding a generation that is full of complacent individuals and shallow minds.Nothing provokes us to think.And we claim to be living,yet,we act like the living dead.Just walking corpses.


I don’t know about you but for me, there’s something I live for. I didn’t google it anywhere, I just dug deep into my soul to know who I really am. And I stick hard to what I live for.


Today, I call on you. Wake up from slumber! Dust yourself and walk on! You weren’t put in this world to be anybody’s puppet, nor were you meant to be a hopeless log lying lifeless. Regardless of the manner in which you made it to this earth, once you are here, act like you’re here! Let no one look down on you, and don’t let any amount of pain nor distortion disrupt you from achieving your purpose in life, because when you know where you are going, not even a metal obstacle can hinder you from reaching there!!!


Begin today.

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